Valentine’s Day Gift Guides for HIM & HER!

vday 2

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of the year again where the cutest holiday is right around the corner! I’ve created the perfect HIM & HER Valentine’s Day gift guides.

Happy Shopping! Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Guides for HIM & HER!”


The Trendy Combination | Sweater & Skirt

Hello Loves!


I’ve found my favorite winter uniform! Sweaters and skirts are individually closet staples, but when combined together, the two become the perfect season-to-season transitional duo. Today I’ve created 3 sweater/skirt outfits that would make the crowd whistling for your attention! Continue reading “The Trendy Combination | Sweater & Skirt”

Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products

Happy Friday Everyone!


A new year = more beauty products to add to your makeup collection. Let’s be honest, trying to navigate through the aisles at a drugstore all by yourself is quite overwhelming. To narrow done the best drugstore makeup products for you, I’m sharing my favorite six in this post! Continue reading “Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products”