“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

As a new lifestyle/fashion blogger, I have been contemplating on what my first blog post should be. And then it hit me like a closet filled with designer bags! My first blog post has to be something I love more than life itself – SHOES!

2016 Fall season is just around the corner, and for every new season beginning, there has to be a new pair of shoes. After hours and hours of intense online shopping, I found the perfect pair of heels. Not only does the color fit perfectly well with the fall color scheme it also adds a fall statement to any outfit.

I present to you, my favorite pair of heels for the fall season, Lulu’s – Chestnut Suede Lace-up Heels! The color is a beautiful tan and suede is #everything! What I love about these heels, is how versatile it is. You can tie the heels anyway you like.

Here are the two styles I have been rocking lately!

Style #1: Ankle Wrap

ankle wrapped

Style #2: Ballerina Wrap

ballerina wrapped

That’s all for today! I hope my love for shoes has sprinkled some fall trends your way. Thank you for stopping by!

Be Unique, Be You!

Lots of Love,



Kiss Lips

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