City Gal // Pleated Textures & Mary Jane Pumps


On this gorgeous day, I am sharing a street style outfit that I am obsessed with! Let’s just say that I’ve been watching Sex and the City non-stop lately and I really wanted to bring out my inner city girl with today’s look.


When wearing an almost all black ensemble, a pop of color is much needed, which is why I am wearing my favorite eye-catching pleated top to add texture to the look. Not only is the color gorgeous, it is also the perfect day to night top.

Since the beginning of last year, I have indulge myself in anything high-waist related! I love how these high-waist black bottoms extenuate the curvy areas of the body and fit like a glove! They are stretchy and comfortable for such an amazing price – $9.90!

As for shoes, I am rocking my Mary Jane pumps. These beauties are such iconic style items that will gamely take you from work to cocktails, to even running your weekend errands. I can’t speak highly enough about the ankle-emphasizing abilities of a delicate slip of a strap. These have been on my style radar for the longest time and GIRLFRIEND, you won’t believe the style deal I found these beauties for at DSW (drum roll please)! They were $20! Let’s take a moment and thank the fashion gods for great style sales! What I love about Mary Jane pumps is how vintage and classy it looks. I am all about the Upper East Manhattan style with a mix of princess vibes.


To stay within the street style attire, I threw on a faux-leather backpack to complete the look.




Thank you for reading! And have a Fab-Tab-Bulous Day!

Lots of Love,


Outfit Details

High-waisted Black Pants // Forever 21

Mary Jane Pumps (color: tan) // Walmart

Short-sleeve Pleated Top *similar* // H&M

Long-sleeve Pleated Top *very similar* // H&M

Pleated Off-the-shoulder Top // Forever 21

Pleated Open-shoulder Top // Forever 21

Leather Backpack *similar* // Forever 21

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