Pumpkin Patch // Orange Sweater & Glossy Rain Boots

Happy Tuesday Fashionistas!

Pumpkin 2

This past weekend felt like it was time for me to fulfill my October duties and head over to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out the cutest little pumpkin while wearing one of the hottest color this season – Orange! As we all know, varying hues of orange ruled the runway during NYFW this year. From warm cinnamon neutrals to soft creamsicle pastels to every shade of orange in between. Orange has never looked so attractive and wearable! Continue reading “Pumpkin Patch // Orange Sweater & Glossy Rain Boots”

Autumn Pink // Faux-Fur Coat

Happy Friday Fashionistas!

As the temperature drops a few degrees, it’s finally time to pull out your warm, cozy autumn coat that you have all been dying to wear! From faux fur to bouclé to teddy, and everything in between, coats are the perfect way to add an element of texture to your autumn look. Imagine the many wonders a furry coat can do for a more elevated look.

Fur 8

Since these types of coat comes in various colors, patterns, and textures, they accommodate a wide range of style preferences, making them very wearable and appealing. I found a perfect dusty rose faux-fur coat that adds an elegant pop of color to my understated outfit while still staying true to my girly style. Continue reading “Autumn Pink // Faux-Fur Coat”

Best at Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Hello Loves!

As quoted by Beyonce, “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles.”

Smile 6

My smile is everything. Not only is it my best accessory, but it is also something I am known for. As someone who tends to smile more than the average person, it isn’t something I just do when I’m happy, but it literally is a way for me to therapeutically zoom through life. Continue reading “Best at Home Teeth Whitening Kit”

Autumn Ballerina // Fuzzy Sweater & Tulle Skirt

Happy Friday Loves!
Tis’ the season for knitwear and tulle skirts! It’s time to stay cozy while adding a bit of oomph to the look. Today I am pairing a favorite oversized fuzzy sweater with a classic tulle skirt.
Fuzzy 12
Like many fashionistas, I’m a huge lover of turtleneck sweaters! I see it as a sweater with a built-in scarf – #bestofbothworlds. Also I swear by oath over my Louis Vuitton handbag that this is the coziest and warmest sweater in the entire fashion world. It literally feels like wrapping a fuzzy knitted blanket all over you! And this pink lavender color is to die for, such a gorgeous color for the fall season. To add a modern princess twist to the look, I am incorporating a delicate tulle skirt that is the dream foundation for flounces and twirls.

Continue reading “Autumn Ballerina // Fuzzy Sweater & Tulle Skirt”