Holiday Gifts Under $100

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holiday gift under 100

Christmas is 2 weeks away, so I have gathered my favorite holiday gifts under $100. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot to buy a great gift!

  1. Nothing is cozier than a pair of UGG slippers! Your feet will definitely be fabulously warm and comfy. The flexible rubber sole adds indoor and outdoor versatility that means all fashion needs.
  2. Off the shoulder tops are totally in style this year! The slouchy sleeves are the perfect way to show a little skin while keeping it classy.
  3. Sunglasses are an all year accessory. These Quay Australia x Des Perkins are smokin’ hot where it exudes the “cool girl” look. Love how the simplicity goes a long way.
  4. Trendy pullover’s with bloused sleeves can turn a simple sweater to a more sophisticated style item. A must have to chic-tify any winter look!
  5. A leather card case is a personal necessity that contains all the magic cards that are taken on all shopping sprees. This Ted Baker London Leather Card Case is the chicest one I have come across and it is perfect for those fashionistas who loves to carry light when splurging.
  6. For all my travel babes who loves to carry light, this Longcamp Backpack is for you! This backpack has it all – it’s durable, water-resistant, and to add a stylish kick, it’s topped with a textured leather handle and flap.
  7. A winter staple piece: sweater dress! The flared bell sleeves makes the sweater dress go from basic to stylish. With a pair of tights and over-the-knee boots, this outfit would be to die for!
  8. The faux fur cardigan statement piece will make you shine bright like a diamond! For all my fashionistas who love to go the extra mile, this cardigan is a must have closet item.

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