Lessons I’ve Learned in 2017

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Hello Loves!

2017 is coming to an end and today I’m sharing the 5 lessons I have learned this year. If I had to sum up 2017 in one word it would be self-love. It wasn’t until I started to write this blog post that I realized the amount of love I poured out for myself this year, which I have never done in the past. The endless self-love lead to my current passions and helped me go from clueless post-graduate to self-aware, caring, motivated girl boss.

1. Don’t chase your passion, instead be passionate about what you are chasing.

Moving to a big city was the biggest obstacle and opportunity 2017 gave me. It lead me to appreciate what I have and to cease every opportunity my way. I learned to be independent and create positive outcomes when spending time alone. Every night coming back from my 9-5 job, my energy was put into being passionate about what I’m chasing and investing in what I love to do, which in amazing ways lead to many great brand opportunities for my blog (ex: Smile Brilliant). I truly learned the importance of inspiring content and that hard work will truly speak for itself.

2. Don’t let other peoples’ thoughts and opinions of you determine your path in life.

I’ve always been the type of person who naturally pleased everyone around me and I hated even the littlest negative thought anyone had of me. It wasn’t until I moved to a bigger city that I’ve learned the importance of what I thought of myself. I’ve come to realize that even though I did everything everyone in my life wanted me to do, they always found something else to pick at. This of course broke my heart, but a great learning experience to shut out the negative and keep the positive. I can finally say that today I inhale and exhale positive energy that will definitely help me push through 2018 as a shining star.

3. It’s okay to be selfish – Self love and Self care.

Selfish is a word many deemed as a horrible characteristic to have. But no one really sees what being selfish can really do for you when done out of love. This year was the first time I decided to make the year all about me. SO many great outcomes came out of my selfish acts – a job that I love, finding my true passions in life, standing up for myself when others tried to put me down, and ceasing every opportunity that came my way. Being selfish made me realize that I have invited the wrong people in my life and to weave out the bad and keep the good. I only live one life and I plan to live it without any regrets.

4. Everything takes time, your dreams won’t happen overnight.

It’s definitely a millennial thing to think that success will happen overnight. Trust me I know the feeling. It wasn’t until I watched videos of the people I looked up to that they reminded me that success will happen when the work is put into it first and continues to be put into it afterwards. It was like a light bulb switch moment where I realized that the only person that can put me on the right path was me, myself, and I. Of course, networking and creating content is a must in the blogging and Youtube worlds, but those tasks can’t be accomplished unless things are planned out and executed properly. Work smarter, have faith and all good things will come.

5. Letting go is the best form of self-therapy. 

As someone who is very in tuned with her feelings and everything around her, I will admit that I’m quite an emotional gal. Letting go was and still is a difficult thing for me to do, but the greatest thing I have done for myself. I use to spend so much time diving into a pool of drama or always having a say in every little thing in my and other people’s lives. Lately, I’ve come to simply let go of the negativity and surround myself with people who love and support me. Letting go is hard, but necessary to make room for what really matters in your life.


A big Thank You to everyone who has and continues to support my creative passions. I truly am grateful for the love and support I see on a daily basis and I hope for an even better year to come.

Lots of Love,


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