2018 New Year Resolutions

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2018 is officially here and it’s that time again for New Year Resolutions! Before diving into the infamous list, I want to share a few tips on how to successfully plan and execute your New Year Resolutions.

3 Tips to Ensure You Achieve Your New Year Resolutions!

*Not only have these tips helped me achieve my goals, but to also go beyond what I have planned for myself.

Keeping your resolution list short and achievable. This is probably the #1 tip out of the three. Before diving into a list of goals for the new year, make sure you are not overwhelming yourself with a great amount of goals to accomplish. A long list will only keep you off-track and create more chaos when you are scrambling to achieve each goal before the year ends. When I say “keep your goals achievable,” what I mean by this is to be realistic with your new goals. Pick and choose goals you have a high chance of accomplishing because you are willing to put in the work and it makes you truly happy.

Share with friends and family. A support system is key to achieving your resolutions. When you share your goals with family and friends who respects and loves you, they will always make sure that you do not slack off. Also sometimes sharing your goals can stir up a conversation, which can lead to an even better goal or more suggestions on how to achieve your goal.

Set milestones and CELEBRATE. This is so important! Every small accomplish should be celebrated when you are one step closer to achieving your goal. I find this tip to be so rewarding along the way especially since 12 months of achieving something can be very tiring. So why not give yourself a few mini goodies along the way. It is more fun when the celebration gifts gradually becomes more extravagant. For example, if your goal is to hit 10K followers by the end of 2018, each time your Instagram followers increase by 1K, your mini gift to yourself gradually becomes more fun and fabulous! (1K followers = Spa Day; 2K followers = Fun Road Trip; etc.).

Now that I have shared my 3 Tips, it’s time for the list everyone has been waiting for!

My 2018 New Year Resolutions!

1. Upload one YouTube video every Sunday. If you didn’t know, I also have a YouTube Channel (The Glamour Pursuit), where I produce creative beauty/lifestyle/fashion videos for my viewers to indulge in. This is something that I have struggled to really get into especially juggling a fashion blog and 9-5 job, but this year, I plan to manage my time wisely to ensure that I can at least upload a video for viewers once a week.

2. Publish two blog posts per week (Tuesday and Friday). It wasn’t until last September that I became very dedicated to my fashion blog. Before it was a hobby that I enjoyed, but now I want to turn it into a possible long-term career. If you haven’t noticed, I have consistently posted on Tuesday and Friday towards the end of last year and I plan to do the exact same this year as well. I’m very excited for my upcoming blog posts that I have planned and there will definitely be more collaborations.

3. Plan two fun trips. I will admit that last year was a financial hardship on myself, especially moving to a bigger city, which we all know means higher rent and bills. Also starting a new job was very stressful and mentally draining. With these two factors in play, I wasn’t able to plan fun getaways. This year I want to plan at least two fun trips, whether near or far, where I take the time to venture out and enjoy some ME time. I will say that there MAY BE a New York trip planned for my 25th Birthday in July, crossing my fingers everything works out!

4. Work out for at least 30 minutes, 3 days a week. I have begun to realized how much energy I have when I live a healthy lifestyle and participate in work out activities a few times a week. The feeling of getting off a trend mill after running a mile is the best mental and physical feeling ever! Working out has really been my boost of energy when I tend to lose focus while editing a video or writing a blog post. As we all know, a lot of work is put into YouTube and blogging so any way to keep me awake is always needed.

Thank you for reading! Have a Fabulous Day!

xo Gaonou

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