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I’m so excited to share a blog post about the strong, creative fashion bloggers who have helped shape the fashionista, girl boss I am today.

Wendy’s Lookbook


The fashion blogger who changed the way I perceived fashion as well as demonstrating that a creative career path is possible. I was first exposed to the fashion blogging world through my sister when she first mentioned Wendy’s Lookbook to me. I instantly became obsessed with her background story, and fashion photos. I love how Wendy’s style is an ‘out of the box’ street look. She styles her outfits in a way that I would have never thought of by myself, she truly creates fashion forward looks!

Gal Meets Glam


The fashion blogger who made me proud of who I am. My style aligns very well with Julia’s creative fashion looks – feminine, classy, and a dash of fun. Previously, as someone who wasn’t comfortable standing out and owning my girly style, I tried to dress more like the girls around me (edgy/casual). It wasn’t until I found Gal Meets Glam, where I learned to embrace my individual girly self. I love how Julia showcases different ways to express your feminine style in various outfits – flowly dress or cute crew neck and leggings. Overall I regain my voice as a fashionista that I have been hiding for so many years.

Olivia Rink


The fashion blogger who inspired me to take my blogging game to the next level. If you haven’t heard of Olivia Rink, where have you been girl! She is such a creative soul! I love everything she posts from trendy looks to authentic instastories on the mishaps that tends to happen when getting the perfect shot. Her blog posts are everything and it inspires me everyday to push myself to create the best quality content.

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