Mixing Function with Fashion | Athleisure

Happy Friday Everyone!

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As life gets busier and more hectic, comfortable and practical clothes are a must. And, let’s be honest, giving up on style is certainly not an option, which is where the athleisure trend kicks in. It is blurring the lines between active wear clothes and cute brunch outfits. So whether you are going for a run or grabbing a cup of coffee, your athleisure outfit can finally do it all. I love how the simple trend reflects a change in lifestyle by going hand in hand with an increased health consciousness and relaxed standards of getting dressed.

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Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Gaonou

SWEATER | Nordstrom RackTopshopBanana Republic

LEGGINGS | Forever 21 (option 1)Forever 21 (option 2)


HAT | Kohl’sBloomingdale’sUrban Outfitters




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