2018 Summer Bucket List!


Ahhhh Summer is almost here! And you bet I have a summer bucket list to share! I’ve succumb to the fact that a bucket list is needed every year because it keeps your summer lively and memorable. Let’s make this summer the best summer ever!

1. Enjoy a summer sunset

You are not going to believe this, but I’ve NEVER watched the sun set, ever in my life. I know it’s pretty darn sad! But I do have an excuse – where I live, it’s swarming with mosquitos, so if you put two in two together, watching the sunset isn’t really an option for me. However, I’ve made it a mission to see it at least once this summer and you best believe, I will be cover head to toe in bug spray and probably an extra layer of clothing.

2. Fly a Kite

Yet another thing I’ve never done lol. This has been a childhood dream of mine and I thought why not do it this year especially since 2018 has been the year of checking items off my goal list lately.

3. Paddle Board

I love being active during the summer time, so paddle boarding had to be on the list. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve always wanted to. It’s one of those outdoor activities where go at your own pace and I’m totally up for a relaxing day in the sun without having to put too much effort into it.

4. Avocado Brownies

Oh yes! I have been wanting to make Avocado Brownies ever since the recipe had been circling around Instagram. I’m making it a mission to put on my baking gear and bust out some delicious, healthy, brownies.

5. Picnic

What’s a summer without a picnic?! This is the best way to enjoy the summer breeze while chowing down on your favorite snacks, drinks, and meals.

6. Strawberry Picking

Not only is this a great way to support your local farmers, but it’s also the perfect way to buy freshly grown strawberries with that delicious sweet taste.

7. Plan a Trip

Whether this is a small or big trip, make an effort to travel and learn more about the world outside of your home. You can learn so much from being a tourist in your own city or taking a road trip to a near by city/state.

8. Go 24 hours without Internet, Phone, TV, once per week

I know, you are probably reading this and shocked that this is on my bucket list. I feel that it is so important to decompress and step away from everything involving the internet and any electronic devices. We are so consume into these devices that sometimes we forget to really live in the moment or take the time to spend it with the people we love. Some of the best conversations I’ve had is with family and friends and it didn’t involve liking their photo or sending a comment of how cute they are. When you really dive into your day without constantly being on your phone, you’ll realize how much there is to life.

9. Do a Random Act of Kindness

With the climate of what is going on in our country from the injustices to tragic events. Sometimes it’s hard to see life in a good light. One thing we can do as people is to be kind to one another. I encourage you all to do at least one random act of kindness this summer, whether that is buying the Starbucks drink for the person behind you or volunteer at a charity event.

10. Try a Bright Summer Lipstick

If you know me, I tend to stick with more nudes, and pretty pinks when it comes to lipsticks. But this summer I want to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and rock a coral orange or red. Crossing my fingers I’m able to do so!

20130730-IMG_568920130730-IMG_5826Street 2 (1 of 1)20130730-IMG_572820130730-IMG_5602Street 1 (1 of 1)20130730-IMG_5524*Photos were taken in collaboration with the incredible photographer Amnai V Photos! Make sure to go check out her Facebook Page and Instagram account (@amnaivphotos) for more of her gorgeous work!

Thank you for reading! Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

xo Gaonou

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