Friday Favorite | “Pinstripe” Dress

Happy Friday Everyone!


Today I’m gushing about a favorite summer pattern – pinstripes! Another trend that has been around for many decades and is on the rise again. Some people shy away from patterns because they feel like it’s too much, but when it comes to pinstripes, it’s a very wearable pattern that doesn’t make you look out dated.

There are fashionistas who take on a more-is-more mentality, pairing the pattern head-to-toe (like moi), while others rely on adding the pinstripes as a statement piece from a sharp suit jacket to classic, midi-length coats. I love how the pinstripe print gives this summer dress a fun and flirty element while keeping it on the down low. Also we can’t forget the huge pockets! I’m a sucker for pockets especially when I’m such a slacker when it comes to carrying my handbag.

Hop on the ‘pinstripe’ train and bring out your inner stripe-ness!



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*Photos were taken in collaboration with the incredible photographer Amnai V Photos! Make sure to go check out her Facebook Page and Instagram account (@amnaivphotos) for more of her gorgeous work!

Thank you for reading! Have a fabulous weekend!

xo Gaonou

DRESS | Forever 21

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