Summer Pool Essentials!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

pool essentials

I hope you are all having a fabulous, warm summer so far! June has been crazy busy for me, but in a fun/memorable way. I recently took a dip in the pool two weeks ago and today I thought why not share some of my must have pool essentials that will make your pool days a lot more fun and comfy!

Straw Hat – Sometimes sunglasses do not cut it when it comes to the sun beaming on your face. That’s why a straw hat is the perfect match to keep your face cool and looking cute while at it.

Lipstick – I love wearing a fun summer color to the pool! Not only does it give your face some color, it also can be a great way to compliment what you are wearing.

Basket Bag – This is the perfect bag to carry all of your pool essentials in. It’s quite see-through so you’ll know where everything is and if there are any sand that may find it’s way inside, you won’t have to worry about dumping it out later.

Floatie – Do I even need to explain why you need a floatie? I mean, it’s literally the one thing you must have at the pool for those fun Insta-photos! Also it’s a great way to relax on the water without having to get wet.

Flip Flops – The must have pool shoes! Easy to slip on and off!

Towel – A no brainer pool essential. I’ve been obsessed with circular shape towels since I find it more spacious and easier to tan on without being restricted to one long position.


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

xo Gaonou

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