8 Fun Things To Do During the 4th of July

Happy Early 4th of July Everyone!

july 4th

A quick hello and listing 8 fun 4th of July activities to do with family and friends!

1. Pack a Picnic

Pink Picnic 2

This is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful July weather while chowing down on those delicious red, white, and blue recipes you have been saving on Pinterest the past few days.

2. Go for a Bike Ride

Pink bike

It’s always fun being active on your day off. Grab a few friends and enjoy a fun group bike ride together before the real party begins!

3. Celebrate on the Beach

pink beach

If you’re one of those lucky ducks who lives near a beach, utilize it for this special day! It’s a great place to see fireworks from afar!

4. A Walk in the Park

pink park

The perfect low key 4th of July activity. Explore a new neighborhood park while taking those adorable Instagram photos.

5. Lounge by the Pool

pink pool

It’s like the beach, but more homey. Sometimes with holiday plans, less is more. Spread the word with family and friends to come on over for those delicious summer drinks and fun group games!

6. Find a Fireworks Show

pink fireworks

We all know that it isn’t a 4th of July celebration without the pretty fireworks! Watch the sky light up with the entire family by attending a local fireworks show.

7. Make a Festive DIY Project

july 4th craft

A fun activity to keep the kids busy! Pinterest is perfect for crafty ideas!

8. Host an Outdoor Cookout


4th of July food is what everyone looks forward to as a whole! Bring to life your favorite summer recipes and share it with the people you love.

Thanks for reading! Have a fun-tastic 4th of July!

xo Gaonou

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