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Hello Loves!

Today I am sharing my honest review of a few SeneGence products that were sent to me by my friend, Pachear Lor, who is a SeneGence Individual Distributor. She sent over 2 LipSense products and 3 ShadowSense of my choice to test out. 



  • The product stays on ALL DAY long, you can literally kiss anyone on the cheek and the product won’t transfer
  • The lip color is build able. Some days if I want a nice light gloss, I stick with one layer, however, if you are looking for a color payout, 3 layers will do the trick
  • The clear gloss is none sticky AND when applying it onto of the lipstick, the color does not transfer onto the gloss stick, which is such a huge plus


  • If you don’t scrub/exfoliate your lips before applying the lipstick, there will be some discomfort/stinging, however, after a few applications, the discomfort will slowly fade away





  • Easy to apply and blend — perfect for non-beauty gurus who are looking for a natural look
  • Easy to remove — I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows that stain the eye lid after the makeup removal process


  • The color payout isn’t the best, it is not as pigmented as other eyeshadows
  • Even though easy removal is a plus at the end of the night, the product easily smudges during the application process




Overall, LipSense and ShadowSense are great products for individuals who aren’t beauty gurus like myself. I love a quick eye and lip look that will take me from day to night. LipSense and ShadowSense are just a few of the products SeneGence sells. They have a wide range of beauty products from eyeliners to skincare cleansers.

If interested, check out the SeneGence website and contact Pachear Lor to make your first LipSense & ShadowSense purchase!



Thank you for reading! Have a Fabulous Day!

xoxo Gaonou

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