Restyling Mini Skirt for Winter

fashion blogger wearing a turtle-neck sweater

You heard that right, I’m restyling my mini skirt for a winter outfit. I know you are probably thinking to yourself – this girl is crazy for wearing mini skirts during winter. What can I say, I can’t seem to toss my mini skirts and I love a restyling session. Living in Wisconsin, I have the luxury of experiencing all 4 seasons. When it’s winter, it’s the full blown snowy weather here, however, that doesn’t stop me from holding back my fashion choices. 


What you pick out as your top is very important because if half of your body is going to be slightly cold, the upper half needs to be all bundled up. I always say a turtle-neck sweater is the best top to pair with a mini skirt. It will help keep your upper body warm with its chunkiness. What truly makes mini skirts wearable during winter are tights. The thicker the pair of tights, the warmer your legs will be throughout the day. Anything can be worn during the winter season, it’s all about how you find ways to bundle up! P.S. I’ve always been a big fan of styling sweaters and skirts together.


fashion blogger with clear box handbag

winter booties with tie up laces


Photos by Aperturesque, LLC

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