Twirling in Pearls

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Hello Loves!

The two style trends I am currently obsessed with are: statement socks and pearls! My obsession have skyrocketed the past few weeks and in a way have given me so much more confidence on my personal style. I love the modern street-style take on vintage pearls and statement socks. These two iconic details are what we all need to feel like the “IT” gal walking downtown.

What I love about pearls is their ability to attract the light and provide a luminous accent. They have been everywhere from vintage denim to headbands. It’s the year of the pearl and I love it!

I wanted to style a pearl on pearl look without being too overwhelming in details. I love the simple pearl details on the sweater and socks. When I found these statement socks that fulfilled my pearl obsession, I was super happy! A tulle skirt styled with pearl accents is always a whimsical duo. The two pieces compliment the overall look very well and stay very true to the feminine feel.

styling tulle with pearls

Now let’s talk about statement socks for a hot minute! Can you tell that I’m 100% obsessed with them?! I find them as the perfect shoe accessory AND not only do they add an extra touch to your heels, but they also provide a comfort barrier between your skin and shoes. To me that is a win-win situation!

Photo Credit: Aperturesque, LLC

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day!

love, gaonou

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