My ‘Post Grad’ Advice From Me to You

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One of my subscribers asked for a post-grad advice video, but I thought I write it out first. It’s been 2 years since I’ve graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Communication Media Studies. It still feels unreal that these past 2 years flew by. I learned so much about myself and my true passions. Post-grad life wasn’t all peaches and cream. I dealt with everything from family drama to doubting my skills and knowledge as a content creator.

These past 2 years have been the most I’ve seen myself grow not only mentally/emotionally, but also professionally. I have taken my passion for content creation to a whole new level by putting more effort and time into my blog as well as continuing my education by pursuing a masters degree in Strategic Marketing. Today I am sharing a few post-grad advice that I feel will help give insights on what worked for me and it might work for you as well.

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Travel Travel Travel! The honest truth is that you will be working for the rest of your life, so take the time you have between graduation and scoring your first adult job by exploring new places. Trust me, traveling really helped spark my content creating passion, which has lead me to who I am today.

Be prepare to fail over and over again. Very few graduates land their dream job or any professional job right away. It really takes 1) preparation and 2) luck to make it all work out. If you fail, learn from your failure and try try try again.

This is the time to be open-minded. Yes you want that dream job, but there is a chance you won’t get it. Due to this, you will need to prepare yourself to grasp onto any opportunity that comes your way to really get the ball rolling. You never know, that one job that you didn’t completely love might lead to an amazing opportunity.

Move out of town. One of the best decisions I have made till this day. I took it upon myself to venture out and move 2.5 hours away from home. Of course, it’s best to find a job and apartment first, which I was able to tackle down within a month. Moving to a different city helped me become more independent, patient, grow as a professional, and find my true passions. Something about being on your own really opens this whole new world that you never knew existed.

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Continue to surround yourself with a support system. Keep in touch with the people who matter and find the time to connect with them. When you move to a city where you don’t know many people, sometimes it gets lonely and that one phone call with a family member or friend can really help push away loneliness and help you focus on what you want to do.

It truly doesn’t matter where you went to school. As long as you know how to apply your knowledge and skills, you are just as capable as anyone who has attended Harvard or Yale. Marketing your skills and knowledge the right way, makes you an attractive person to hire.

Utilize the alumni network with your university or college to find a job. Sometimes graduates aren’t aware of the perks they have as an alumni. I recommend contacting the alumni office at your university to find out what resources and services they have to help you in your desired career field.

Lastly, be honest with yourself. Be honest with who you are and what you want out of life. The more you are aware of your true passions, the easier it is to find true happiness. I have always been a daddy’s girl where I lived my life for my family. I wasn’t 100% honest with who I was, which ate me alive last year, to the point I had a melt down. The more I became honest with my own feelings and passions, I became a better person not just for myself, but also for the people I love most.

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Thank you so much for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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