What Fashion Means to Me

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When I hear the phrase, “what fashion means to me” I immediately go to my happy place. Growing up, fashion was my big sister, best friend who helped build my self-confidence and self-expression when I felt so different from the people around me. She accepted my indecisive choices from sequin tops to lace dresses and approved my wide array of color picks. Through it all, fashion allowed me to be my unapologetic self.

My LOVE for fashion all started when I was 5 years old. My mom planned a mini photoshoot in the back porch because she bought matching denim outfits for my sister and I. As the unique, creative individual I am, I quickly found a solution to make my outfit more me. I grabbed a navy blue knitted cardigan and styled my first outfit. I wore half the cardigan on and the other half hanging off the shoulder for a slouchy look. For a 5 year old, this style decision made me feel more empowered and creatively happy. That kick-started my fashion journey and here I am today pursuing a fashion-focused career!

When it comes to fashion, I love the ever-changing trends and style throwbacks. Everything from the luxury accessories to seasonal dedicated pieces. Fashion is a great example of how people continue to change and there are no set ways to do everything. I truly believe that fashion continues to play a key role in all successes of life. When I feel good about what I’m wearing, it’s crazy to see how it positively affects everything and everyone in my life.

Fashion to me means empowerment. The empowering feeling to be who I am, do what I love, and continue to positively inspire those around me. Comment down below what fashion means to you, I would love to know 🙂

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