Lash Extensions with Plee Beauty

Hello Loves!

I’m such a sucker for lash extensions. The feeling of instant beauty is a remarkable feeling. I only get lash extensions for special occasions because maintaining new lashes on a monthly basis can get very pricey. However, they are definitely worth it when you have a photoshoot, wedding, or vacation coming up.

I got my mine done by Plee Beauty. She has been my go to gal for all things beauty in my hometown. Let’s just say the experience was the best one yet! I have gotten my lash extended twice before setting up an appointment with Plee Beauty and she is by far the best I have encountered. Not only did the process fly by, I felt no discomfort during and after the process was completed. She is a pro!

I will say that since I have very sensitive eyes, the fumes did sting my eyes for the first week and has gotten better as the weeks go by. We also discovered that I am allergic to the lash extension glue. Even though this will be my lash extension set due to my allergic reaction, I would still recommend Plee Beauty if you are considering lash extensions. She is located in the Wausau, WI area!

love, gaonou

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