Metallic in the Workplace

Hello Loves!

A subtle metallic style piece is one of my favorite ways to slightly spruce up an everyday work outfit. It gives that shimmer without being too much in your face. I thrifted this light pink metallic top from thredUP. The original price was $24.00 and I bought it for $11.99. I love the pink with the cream dress pants because it’s a classy color combo that won’t have HR chasing you down the hall. Also, the sleeves are skin tight, which kind of feels like spanx for the arms!

My number one rule for wearing metallics is to not let it overpower the work outfit. Even though you may want to have it be the star of the show, sometimes it can come off as tacky. It should be a fun add-on, not a screaming piece that takes the attention away from the entire outfit.

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love, gaonou

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