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These past few months have been extremely stressful! There are various ways I de-stress and I thought this would be the perfect time to share a fun fact about myself: I LOVE to play video games! As someone who is constantly working on projects, playing video games is a way for me to disconnect from reality. I am so excited to be partnering with InfluenceHer Collective and Xbox to share how I connect and de-stress during game night! Please note that Xbox sent me this console to check out and all opinions are my own. #AD

The Perfect Way to De-Stress with Xbox

It probably came as a shocker that I am a gamer. It is something I do not share often. I love how a simple gaming console can bring the best life experiences whether that is by yourself or with friends and family. Right now, my favorite Xbox game to play is Minecraft. I love the ability to build whatever you want, wherever you want. In a way, I have the creative freedom to let my mind imagine.

The new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is an all-digital console with no disc drive, available for only $249.99. Fun fact: the disc drive was removed so consumers can save $50 off the price. Pretty fabulous, right? Also, no one wants to hoard a pile of discs when everything can be stored online. The console is light weight and only requires two chords to connect. I love the simplicity of the overall setup and how it can be stored without any hassle.

Game Night with Xbox
Fashion blogger who games to de-stress

If you want a fun way to de-stress, I highly recommend getting yourself the new Xbox One S All-Digital console or just start gaming overall. I feel that the gaming industry receives a bad reputation, such as, it is for people who are not cool or people who are too lazy to do anything with their lives. However, I believe the exact opposite. Gaming is the perfect way to find more about yourself while having fun. I challenge you to turn off reality for a few hours and allow yourself to free fall into a game.

Connect and De-stress with Xbox
Blogger Fun Game Night with Xbox

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helped inspire you to de-stress in a fun way. Have a wonderful day!

love, gaonou

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