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Happy Friday! Today I am sharing a quick post about Skylar’s June perfume – Golden Glow! By now you probably are well aware that I am part of the Skylar Scent Club where I receive a new perfume each month to test out. So far my experience has been amazing with each scent and this month’s scent is so perfect for the tropical season!

Fashion Blogger sharing Skylar's Golden Glow perfume. It is limited edition.

Golden Glow is the perfect coconut scent for when you are heading to the beach or having a nice picnic with your significant other. For all my sun lovers out there, this perfume is for you! The scent makes you feel radiant and warm with that sun-kissed glow. Like every other Skylar Scent Club perfume, this one is limited edition, so make sure to purchase one before the end of the month! You can find the product here and use the code GAONOU10 for 10% off your order.

Skylar's Golden Glow perfume

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