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Hello Loves!

Are you a gal that either 1) hates putting on false lashes or 2) hates how uncomfortable false lashes feel? If you answered yes to both or one of these questions, I have found the perfect solution for you! Let me introduce you to the female founded beauty company, Glamnetic’s Magnetic Eyelashes

I can’t stress the number of times I wanted to wear false lashes for an event or to take an Instagram photo, but I just couldn’t get the lashes on comfortably. I really thought false lashes were a done deal in my beauty routine, however, I was mistaken. I have fallen in love all over again with the extra glam I needed in my life. The set comes with a magnetic liner that you apply as regular eyeliner and simply place the lashes on the eyes. The packaging is super cute and I love the variety of lashes you can choose from. I chose the Lust Lash set because I wanted something more dramatic on the eyes. There is a pair of lashes for each makeup look! P.S. there are 100% luxury mink and vegan options available!

Reasons Why I Love Glamnetic’s Magnetic Eyelashes:

  1. Comfortable on the Eyes.
  2. Super Easy to Apply with a Magnetic Liner (no more GLUE needed!).
  3. All Day Hold and Smudge Proof — I actually tested this and it does not come off!
  4. Reusable for 40+ Uses because there is No Glue to Clump up on the Lashes.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post! I hoped it solved your false lash problems! Definitely check out Glamnetic for all your beauty needs!

Love, Gaonou

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