Creating a Safe Environment as a Content Creator | Featuring Sabre Products

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I hope everyone is well and staying safe. 2020 has definitely made me more aware of my current surroundings as I go out to create content. Today I’m sharing a few of my must have essentials when I’m on the go as a content creator to ensure my personal safety. Even though I would love to think that everyone is as kind and open-minded as the wonderful people in my life, creating content by yourself in quiet, non-familiar places can leave the mind and body feeling uneasy. 

I’m very excited to be collaborating with SABRE to share a few of my favorite personal safety products that help me create content at peace. I was sent their pepper spray with a quick release keychain, pepper spray with an adjustable hand strap, a practice spray, and home security personal safety kit. I love that they provide different options for their personal safety products. My favorite one is the keychain pepper spray, it’s easy to pull from my bag and it’s in plain sight where I don’t have to search my bag to find it. 

As someone who loves to search for new content locations, my personal safety is my top priority, however, I don’t allow my fears to stop me from creating content. I feel it is important to educate and equip yourself with what makes you feel most comfortable then go from there. SABRE’s pepper sprays continue to play a role on how my creative mind works. Personal safety is different for everyone, which is why it is important to understand what works for you as you venture out alone or with friends. 

SABRE Pepper Spray 411:

Pepper gel is just like pepper spray, but it has a longer range, reduces wind blowback, and is safer for use indoors

Hold the pepper spray trigger with your thumb for accuracy

SABRE products have 5 times more bursts than their competitors

I hope this article helped shine a light on how important personal safety is and how to keep yourself safe while doing what you love!

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