Friday Favorite | “Pinstripe” Dress

Friday Favorite | “Pinstripe” Dress

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I’m gushing about a favorite summer pattern – pinstripes! Another trend that has been around for many decades and is on the rise again. Some people shy away from patterns because they feel like it’s too much, but when it comes to pinstripes, it’s a very wearable pattern that doesn’t make you look out dated. Continue reading “Friday Favorite | “Pinstripe” Dress”


The Little “French” Dress

The Little “French” Dress

Happy Tuesday Loves!

The “French Girl” style has been my current obsession! I love how effortlessly each look exude and there’s no surprise that the French have mastered summer style. I’m stocking up on all things French to achieve that je ne sais quoi vibe.  Continue reading “The Little “French” Dress”

Street Style Favorite | Denim Jacket

Street Style Favorite | Denim Jacket

Happy Friday Loves!

Denim jackets are on the rise again and they have established themselves as a firm contender when it comes to fashion trends. It’s a must have casual jacket that is fantastic for on-the-go moments, which I’m sure we are all guilty of doing. The key to pulling off a denim jacket is wearing it with confidence! Continue reading “Street Style Favorite | Denim Jacket”

Summer Crush | Jumpsuit

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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There is no doubt that jumpsuits are the perfect summer statement piece! The head-to-toe garment creates a striking look in this warm weather. Even though it’s an easy piece to put on, it’s not quite the easiest to pull off. Choosing the wrong fit or adding the wrong accessories can cause the look to go from fab to drab. Continue reading “Summer Crush | Jumpsuit”

ASOS Favorites | Cat Eye Sunglasses

Hello Everyone!

sunglasses update

As we saw from this past year to now, good old fashion trends have been reincarnated. Honestly, I cannot get enough of them! One of those trends are cat-eye sunglasses and I’m living for how the style flatters every face shape and can make your outfit go from blah to Oh Yah! As one of summer’s hottest trends, treat yourself to a pair and hop on the cat-eye train. Continue reading “ASOS Favorites | Cat Eye Sunglasses”