Period Talk with Summer’s Eve®

Period Talk with Summer’s Eve®

“This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve®, but all opinions and/or content are my own.”

It’s one thing having your period, but it’s another getting rid of the period odor. I’m constantly worried that my odor is spreading like wildfire throughout the day. In situations like these, I am very thankful for Summer’s Eve® products, which helps conveniently decrease odor smell in the vaginal area.  Their products are: pH balanced, can be used throughout the day for an all day freshness, and are gynecologist-tested.

I received my Summer’s Eve® products on the exact day I started my period, which allowed me to test the products from my heaviest days to my lightest days. The products helped reduce my period odor and made me feel fresh throughout the day. I love that the scent is light and fresh. Their products are available in 3 forms: 5oz No-Rinse Cleansing Foam, 24ct Softpack Cleansing Cloths, and 14ct Individually Wrapped Cleansing Cloths.

  • Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Cleansing Cloths
    • An easy and safely wipe away cleansing cloth that is convenient, Flush Friendly™* and lightly scented so you can get a quick boost of freshness whenever you need it.   (*refer to product label for flushing instructions)
  • Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Individually Wrapped Cloths
    • These are specifically formulated for periods. They are individually-wrapped, flush friendly™* cloths that offers a quick boost of freshness from home to the workplace and everywhere in between. You can simply add them to your bag and go! (*refer to product label for flushing instructions)
  • Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ No-rinse Cleansing Foam
    • You don’t have to wait to hop in the shower to clean up. Simply add one to two pumps of Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ No-Rinse Cleansing Foam to a few sheets of folded toilet paper and cleanse away – no need to rinse! It’s the perfect way to pump up your freshness when you need it most.
Period Talk with Summer's Eve products on how to avoid the period odor. Fashion blogger, The Glamour Pursuit shares her take on how she gets rid of period odor.
Period Talk with Summer's Eve products on how to wipe away the period odor.
Period Talk with Summer's Eve products on how to cleanse the period odor.
Period Talk with Summer's Eve products. Style blogger, Gaonou Lo is sharing how she gets rid of period odor, which helps with boosting her confidence.

As a fashion blogger I’m always on the go and around people. I will admit that my period odor does make me feel less than fresh in the clothes I wear or how I go about my day. When I started to take care of my period days with the best products from Summer’s Eve®, I noticed not only a hygiene difference, but also a confidence boost. With Summer’s Eve® products, I’ll never have to worry about period odor again.

Thank you for reading! Have a Wonderful Day!

Love, Gaonou

The Perfect Spring Perfume | Skylar

The Perfect Spring Perfume | Skylar
Hello Loves!

Spring is here, which means it’s time to switch up my perfume scents. I am so excited to be partnering with Skylar to share about who they are and their new limited perfume for the month of April — Magic Bloom.

Skylar is a brand of natural perfumes that doesn’t contain allergens and harmful chemicals while smelling fresh. They currently have 6 scents you can select from: Arrow, Capri, Coral, Isle, Meadow, and Willow. However, if you want to try out new, limited-edition scents every month — sign up for Skylar’s Scent Club. When you sign up, you’ll receive a travel-sized scent each month, which allows you to mix up your scent style.

This month’s limited scent is Magic Bloom. It is the perfect light, and juicy scent for Spring! Not only do I love the travel size bottle for when I’m on the go, but I also love trying out new scents each month. I am very picky with my perfume and I can say that Magic Bloom is a favorite. It’s the perfect scent to give me that fresh feel without being too overpowering. If you love trying out new perfumes, check out Skylar. Trust me they won’t disappoint!

Thank you so much for reading! Have a fabulous Day!

love, gaonou

Lash Extensions with Plee Beauty

Lash Extensions with Plee  Beauty
Hello Loves!

I’m such a sucker for lash extensions. The feeling of instant beauty is a remarkable feeling. I only get lash extensions for special occasions because maintaining new lashes on a monthly basis can get very pricey. However, they are definitely worth it when you have a photoshoot, wedding, or vacation coming up.

I got my mine done by Plee Beauty. She has been my go to gal for all things beauty in my hometown. Let’s just say the experience was the best one yet! I have gotten my lash extended twice before setting up an appointment with Plee Beauty and she is by far the best I have encountered. Not only did the process fly by, I felt no discomfort during and after the process was completed. She is a pro!

I will say that since I have very sensitive eyes, the fumes did sting my eyes for the first week and has gotten better as the weeks go by. We also discovered that I am allergic to the lash extension glue. Even though this will be my lash extension set due to my allergic reaction, I would still recommend Plee Beauty if you are considering lash extensions. She is located in the Wausau, WI area!

love, gaonou

Extended Gel Nails Review | Plee Beauty

Extended Gel Nails Review | Plee Beauty

I finally tried out extended nails for the first time ever! I’ve always been reluctant to extending my nails because I could not tolerate the smell of the chemical fumes. But, did you know that there is such a thing called “extended gel nails”? It’s the better version of acrylic nails minus the chemical fumes and weakening of nails.

This blog post is in collaboration with Plee Beauty. All opinions are my own.

The inspiration for the nail look came from this Pinterest photo! I loved the pink theme and fell in love with the simple, mini heart design, which Plee Beauty was able to perfect!

The entire process went smoothly from start to finish. Plee Beauty handcrafted each gel nail by wrapped and filing it to perfectly fit on the natural nail. The only discomfort was the heating of the gel on the nails, however, Plee Beauty does walk you through each step to ease the discomfort. I did a little bit of everything from glitter, chrome, to matte nails. Her attention to detail is amazing and I love that she really listens to what her customers are looking for.

If you are in the Wausau, Wisconsin area and looking to extend your natural nails, definitely check out Plee Beauty! She’s a gem at what she does and such a pro 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day!

love, gaonou

How I Prep for a Photoshoot

How I Prep for a Photoshoot

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DoMoreForYourWholeMouth #ColgatePartner #CollectiveBias

Hello Loves! One of my favorite things about being a fashion blogger is prepping for a photoshoot. I love picking out my outfit to finding the perfect accessories! There are so many elements that go into prepping for a photoshoot, but I try to keep it as simple as possible. I have been asked multiple times on how I go about getting ready, so here it is!

Step 1: Pick Out THE Outfit

When picking out your outfit you need to make sure that it’s fitting to what you want to write about and showcase on social media. Fashion is more than clothes, it’s a way to inspire and tell stories through the movement of the fabric and location. I highly recommend purchasing an external clothing rack to put all of your fashion looks that need to be photograph. This has helped me be more organize and remember which photoshoots are coming up.

Step 2: Beauty Glow!

I’m all about the everyday, natural make-up because my blog focuses on outfits for the everyday woman. This is the time to add some life and color onto your face. And sometimes I’ll add a fun lipstick to give the look that extra pop.

Step 3: Keeping the Teeth White and Clean!

If I’m being honest, my teeth are really important to me when I’m prepping for a photoshoot. The reason is because I’m always smiling in all of my photos. To ensure that my teeth stay clean and white, I have been using the Colgate TotalSF Advanced Whitening Toothpaste. I have been a loyal consumer to Colgate because it has continued to keep my teeth white and squeaky clean especially for someone who has sensitive teeth like me. If I could only choose one step to recommend, it would definitely be this one. Your smile is what draws people in and in my opinion really makes or break a photo.

Colgate TotalSF now does MORE for your mouth. Colgate TotalSF now helps with sensitivity, enamel strengthening, fights bad breath, tartar build-up, cavities, plaque, and gingivitis and whitens your teeth! What a great value for all the benefits. You can find the product at your local Walmart and earn money back with the ibotta offer!

Click the image above to shop the Colgate TotalSF.

Step 4: Accessories, whether Hair or Jewelry.

Even though an outfit may be cute or trendy, it’s the accessories that brings the entire look together! I recently purchased this pearl hairpin and it literally glams up an entire look. The pearls are gorgeous and gives off that glam feel!

Thank you for reading! I hope these easy steps help you prep for future fashion photoshoots!

love, gaonou