A Timeless Style Piece | JORD Watches

Hello Loves!

JORD Watches

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and I definitely missed it! Let’s just say the past few weeks have been crazy busy with everything from starting grad school to resigning from my current HR position. Time is of the essence and I’m enjoying every minute of it pursuing my passions. Continue reading “A Timeless Style Piece | JORD Watches”

Summer Athleisure | Under Armour Jacket

Hello Everyone!

Under Armour 9

I am partnering with thredUP to create a series of super cute summer looks and for my final thredUP summer outfit, I’m styling this raspberry hue Under Armour jacket I snagged for such an amazing price! We all know that the athleisure trend isn’t taking a rest anytime soon. Continue reading “Summer Athleisure | Under Armour Jacket”

Neutral Tones |Plaid Sweater & Suede Skirt

Happy Friday Everyone!

Plaid Sweater 1

For some reason, I’m extra happy today that it’s a Friday. The past couple of weeks have been very draining and I am looking forward to taking a small road trip home to visit my family, whom I miss so much these past two months! Before I dive into this neutral toned look, I want to apologize ahead of time for the very wrinkled skirt. For some reason, I was out of it that day and I didn’t realized how wrinkled the skirt was until I started to edit the photos 🙁 but on the bright side the outfit turned out really cute!  Continue reading “Neutral Tones |Plaid Sweater & Suede Skirt”

Dare to Be Different | Moto Jacket

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


It’s only the second day of the work week and I’m pooped out! Ever since I got back from my New York trip, it has been weird getting back into the groove of things, especially creating content that is slightly different from what I see all over social media. Continue reading “Dare to Be Different | Moto Jacket”

Summer Chic | Printed Skirt

Hi Loves!

Printed Skirt 18

I’m back from NYC and it was such a fun-filled trip! I can still recall all the walking and eating we did lol. Definitely one of my favorite cities to visit!  Also if you haven’t heard, my New York Lookbook is live, so if you haven’t checked out that blog post yet, make sure you do! Now back to today’s blog post, I am partnering with thredUP to create a series of super cute summer looks. Continue reading “Summer Chic | Printed Skirt”