‘Back to College’ Morning Routine | Google Home Mini

‘Back to College’ Morning Routine | Google Home Mini

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Hello Loves! College is almost in session! There is just one month left of personal freedom before textbooks and exams fall from the sky. However, I am ready to start the academic year on the right foot this time with the help of Walmart.

I bought this little nugget a few days ago at one of my favorite retailer stores – Walmart and it has made getting up early in the morning a lot more fun and bearable! Can you tell that it was love at first sight? I also picked up a few other goodies to help ease my ‘Back to College’ Morning Routine, so keep on reading to see! 

Walmart is my one stop shop for all my back to college needs from electronics (Google Home Mini) to food (RX Bars) to kitchen appliances (Keurig). Also, nothing beats Walmart’s Everyday Low Price, especially with a student’s budget. Walmart’s Back to College events are the perfect opportunity for students to purchase everything they need with a friendly price tag. It has everything you need to make going Back to College easier: low prices, great selection, and the convenience of online pickup. They will also be hosting Back To College Events across the US on the following dates: 8/17, 8/24, 8/31!

Wakey wakey! Who needs an alarm when the Google Home Mini can wake you up to your favorite song! I’m getting ready to check out Walmart’s Back to College in-store event, which makes back to college time easier for college students. I encourage you to attend the event (8/17, 8/24, 8/31) by checking Walmart.com for an event near you (or following the link in the image below). I can’t promise that you won’t buy everything at this event. 

I can’t leave the house without my essentials and Google Home Mini helps me stay on track by reciting my To-Do List when I can’t seem to remember everything I need to accomplish that day. What are your must have school supplies?

Not only does Google Home Mini help organize my life, but it also helps entertain me as I pucker up to look somewhat decent for the Back to College Event! Getting ready for the day has never been so fun! Let’s say I got into the groove of what Google Home Mini put on so I couldn’t help, but sing my heart out while getting ready for the big event!

But first coffee, am I right?! This Keurig makes preparing coffee so much easier! I mean I can literally make 3-4 cups of coffee in under 15 minutes. The perfect ‘pick me upper’ to kick start my school day, especially when I’m running on 4 hours of sleep.

I will admit, I’m addicted to my Roku! So you bet I’m sneaking in a show or two while getting ready for college. Roku is the perfect product for students like me who love to binge watch shows all in one area. I love that Roku is the ultimate streaming player that stores all of my favorite movies and shows. This is a must have for students who want to bring a little bit of home into their busy college life.

You can’t forget the snacks! These RX Peanut Butter & Berries bars and Maple Almond Butter spread have been my go to snacks for protein on the go. As a student, I don’t have the luxury to have mini breaks in between, so these goodies help keep me energize throughout the day.

Lastly, finishing up some projects and answering work emails before I head out the door to Walmart’s Back to College Event. The event dates are 8/17, 8/24, 8/31 and you can find an event near you here

Thank you so much for joining me as I get ready for Walmart’s Back to College Event!

love, gaonou

The Importance of Having a Strong Group of Girlfriends

The Importance of Having a Strong Group of Girlfriends
Hello Loves!

2019 has been an extremely challenging year for my family and I. This year made me question who I am, what I want, where I want to go, and who I want in my life. With all these questions coming towards me all at once it made me mentally hit rock bottom. This past week, I took some time away from home to reset my mind, body, and soul. During my time away, I had the opportunity to reconnect with two girlfriends of mine, who I haven’t genuinely spoken to in 5 years. It’s crazy how time flies by and how much a person can grow in just a few years. When I met up with them, it was like I was only gone for a split second. We were still the same old silly college girls who loved to giggle about the most random things, but we were different in a good way. That is when I knew that they will be in my life for the long run.

Before I move along with why I think having a strong group of girlfriends is important, let me give you a little back story to my own personal experience with girlfriends before college. Growing up, I was surrounded by strong women, but it felt more like a competitive environment to see who would be the best at the end of the race. This is why I was always cautious around girls growing up until I went away for college. College was where I met the most loving, and supportive group of girls that made me feel worthy, and confident. I have never felt ‘friendship love’ where friends would do anything for each other even if not blood related or expecting anything in return. These girls did more for me than most of my family members would ever do, especially at a time of vulnerability. Even though I was finally given the opportunity to connect with these wonderful ladies on a deeper level, growing up with hurtful relationships caused bad memories to resurface where I pushed them away.

Fast track 5 years later, I continue to wonder why I was still unfulfilled after having a wonderful boyfriend, strong family, and good group of friends (mix of guys and girls). It wasn’t until a recent family situation hit that I realized I needed my girlfriends, whom I have always considered as my sisters. Let’s be honest, my boyfriend, family, and group of friends can only do and understand so much. When you are with your favorite girlfriends there is a spark that you can’t find anywhere else. You get one another without having to say or do too much.

So why is it important to have a strong group of girlfriends? They are your wolf pack until the very end. Through thick and thin they understand those indirect and direct cues that most boyfriends or husbands don’t get. I wouldn’t be half of who I am today if it wasn’t for my girlfriends. They continue to love me for me and cheer me on when I feel like I’m all alone. They provide me with a special kind of strength that other people in my life cannot give me. As someone who is the oldest child in my family, I have never experienced having an older sibling and these girls care for me like I am their little sister. They understand why I feel a certain way towards other people in my life and free me from past feelings that I can’t overcome on my own. Overall they are stronger and better versions of myself that I aspire to be one day.

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Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

love, gaonou