5 Ways to Be More Confident!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Confidence is something you learn through personal life experiences. I can truly say that if it wasn’t for my personal successes/losses and the people I keep close to me, I wouldn’t be the confident person I am today.

Pull out a notebook page and your favorite pen because today I’m sharing my secrets to becoming a more confident person! Continue reading “5 Ways to Be More Confident!”


Summer Pool Essentials!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

pool essentials

I hope you are all having a fabulous, warm summer so far! June has been crazy busy for me, but in a fun/memorable way. I recently took a dip in the pool two weeks ago and today I thought why not share some of my must have pool essentials that will make your pool days a lot more fun and comfy! Continue reading “Summer Pool Essentials!”

Friday Favorite | “Pinstripe” Dress

Happy Friday Everyone!


Today I’m gushing about a favorite summer pattern – pinstripes! Another trend that has been around for many decades and is on the rise again. Some people shy away from patterns because they feel like it’s too much, but when it comes to pinstripes, it’s a very wearable pattern that doesn’t make you look out dated. Continue reading “Friday Favorite | “Pinstripe” Dress”