A Pattern I Love | Grid Line Blouse

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Get in line for the trendiest print this season! As plaid’s cooler little sister, the gridded pattern is one of the easiest print to pull off, which is why I’m hooked to the bones. As an accessory or a head-to-toe look, this black-and-white combo is a spotlight look for the streets.  Continue reading “A Pattern I Love | Grid Line Blouse”


Sweaters Under $25

Hello Loves!
Knitwear season is one of my favorite fashion seasons! Knit sweaters are like big cuddles or the feeling that you are taking your favorite duvet to work. With so many redesigned sweaters, it’s definitely time to refresh your collection. The hoodie may still rule streetwear, but the classic cable knit has gotten a makeover this season, and I’m buying one in every style. Today I’m sharing some of my favorites!

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Shoes So Perfect for the Workplace!

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I’m sure we can all agree on how much we all love shoes! I love how a pair of shoes can spruce up a look especially in the 9-5 work world. As someone who has a 9-5 job, wearing 4 inch heels is usually not an option, however, still possible. Even though wearing heels higher than 2 inches can be very difficult to strut in at work, it doesn’t mean you can’t find comfortable, trendy footwear to fulfill the role. Continue reading “Shoes So Perfect for the Workplace!”