The Iconic Fall Pattern | Plaid


Hello Loves!

Plaid is such an iconic pattern to flaunt during the Fall season! The pattern has been curated by high fashion brands and reimagined by fast fashion retailers to create affordable pieces that every fashionista can enjoy styling. Plaid has been redesigned into new color combinations and refreshing accessories that will not remind you of your grandpa’s wardrobe. Continue reading “The Iconic Fall Pattern | Plaid”

Pretty in Pink | Fuzzy Sweater Dress

Pretty in Pink 1

Hello Loves!

Fall is in the air and I’m sipping on my warm salted caramel latte to soak up the energy to write today’s blog post. Lately I’ve been cozying it up with my Lulu’s fuzzy sweater dress! The eye-lash fabric makes it feel like you have a soft blanket wrapped around your body all day long. Continue reading “Pretty in Pink | Fuzzy Sweater Dress”

A Timeless Style Piece | JORD Watches

Hello Loves!

JORD Watches

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and I definitely missed it! Let’s just say the past few weeks have been crazy busy with everything from starting grad school to resigning from my current HR position. Time is of the essence and I’m enjoying every minute of it pursuing my passions. Continue reading “A Timeless Style Piece | JORD Watches”